Putting Women at Ease in ‘Knickers’ in Yountville

By Lisa Stockton | Napa Valley Register – Business |November 11, 2015

In late August, the doors to the valley’s new lingerie boutique, Knickers & Pearls, opened inside Yountville’s V Marketplace. Owner Shawnie Elwell Hoogendoorn said she hopes the location will feel central to locals from Napa to Calistoga, whom she is looking forward to serving.

The idea for the shop blossomed from her own frustration over having to drive at least 40 miles to get good lingerie, she explained. Whether a woman is looking for everyday basics, something for her wedding or a weekend away, a bridal gift, or simply a pair of pajamas, Elwell Hoogendoorn is excited to help.

Beyond just offering the items customers are looking for, the owner is focusing on creating an atmosphere that puts women at ease and makes them feel pretty.

“We can’t find what’s right with us,” she observed of the female population when it comes to their bodies. “We can only find what’s wrong. But men think we are beautiful as we are.”

She is passionate about the topic, and has used it to guide her in setting the tone in the store.

“If someone walked out of here and didn’t feel better than when they walked in, I would die,” she exclaimed. “It’s a sensitive area for women.”

Citing badly lit dressing rooms at other stores, as inspiration for what not to do, Elwell Hoogendoorn said she worked very hard on the lighting in the Knickers & Pearls dressing room to make sure it is very flattering…

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