You Will Want To Indulge In These Over-the-Top Chocolates For Easter 2017

Who says Easter eggs need shells?

By Megan Giller | Forbes

Every year growing up, I’d covet my Cadbury Creme Egg as if it were Fabergé rather than cheap chocolate and mallow. Finally, when I’d bite into it, I was sorely disappointed. Now, a few decades later, I’ve discovered a handful of over-the-top Easter chocolates that deserve the royal treatment.

In other words, this year, skip the waxy chocolate, marshmallow cream, and Peeps and elevate your Easter with some of the best chocolate in the world.

— Excerpt —

Kollar Chocolate Fried Egg

Who says your Easter eggs need to be in their shell? This treat comes with a saffron ganache “yolk” surrounded by either white or dark chocolate. Owner Chris Kollar uses Valrhona Chocolate, the gold standard for pastry chefs and chocolatiers everywhere, which means your fried egg tastes great too. Chocolate for breakfast? I think so. ($7.50)

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